Welcome to the United Way of Clarion County

   The strength of our region isn't its beautiful forests, its scenic streets, or its rich history; the strength of our home is instead its people.
   We have a population of diverse beliefs, abilities, desires, dreams and means. Despite our differences, we have more that brings us together than keeps us apart. Namely, all have faced struggle and we know how it feels. We understand the feeling of help and how much it matters. We understand giving and the change it can bring.
   Whether we are at a place in life where we have the power to give or we possess the grace that comes from receiving, it is this bond that we all share in common; it is the trait that binds us together, the trait drives community, an it is this trait that inspires us to LIVE UNITED.

  • United Way is Local
    The United Way addresses the needs of the people who live and work in Clarion County.

  • The United Way is Effective Every program and agency supported provides a vital service to the community.

  • The United Way is Committed
    The organization reports its progress- you will see the results of your contribution!


We are committed to advancing the common good by supporting health, education, and income stability throughout Clarion County.


Please download the PDF form below, fill it out completely and return to the following address: Click here to Open the United Way of Clarion County Pledge Form

United Way
531 1/2 Main Street Clarion, PA 16214
Phone: (814) 226-8760
Email: clarionunitedway@verizon.net

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